Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 33 - Sunday 8th July - Palmerston North to Hawera via Wanganui

Today the sun was shining brightly and the sky so blue, it was lovely and warm. We have noticed a big difference in the temperature in North Island compared with South Island, much warmer here and probably warmer than the UK!

We left Palmerston North for Wanganui this morning arriving just before lunch. Wanganui is a quaint little town with a great Information Centre with FREE WIFI :)

There is a large tower on the hill above the town and an underground elevator up to the top of the hill, but we decided to walk up. From the top views right over the town to the river mouth and sea could be seen, beautiful.

Wanganui Tower

View from Wanganui Tower over the town

The elevator to Wanganui Tower
After our walk we had lunch at the Information Centre cafe and utilised their wifi for an hour or two.

We then drove to Hawera, the drive was through plains and small undulating hills. At one point right ahead Luke pointed out a huge mountain in the distance, towering way above the hills and the clouds. We were later to discover this is Mt Taranaki an active volcano!!

En route to Hawera

Mt Taranaki (an active volcano) in the distance

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