Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 45 - Friday 20th July - Te Aroha to Cathedral Cove

Our journey now is taking is further north to the Coromandel Peninsular.

Our first stop of the drive today was in Waihi, purely to pick up some tourist information. But, we got distracted by the towns goldmining history and especially the derelict Cornish pumphouse. Luke had to go and have a closer look which revealed a huge goldmine over the hill which is still being worked. It was HUGE, never seen such a deep and big quarried hole in the ground.

The Cornish pumphouse

The gold mine, but to get an idea of how big this is look at the digger where the arrow is pointing!!

We carried on our journey north with a lunch stop over looking the Whangamata wharf.

Our next stop was an exciting one at Hot Water Beach. You can probably guess why it's exciting from it's name? There are hot springs which come up through the sands on the beach so you can dig a hole and bathe in your own hot mineral pool on the beach!! We only dipped our feet in someone elses abandoned pool but it was amazing!!

Hot Water Beach

We then continued onto Hahei where there is a short walk to Cathedral Cove. Cathedral Cove is where the Narnian story of Prince Caspian is filmed. The first scene when they arrive on the Narnian beach from the London Underground Station is filmed in this bay. It is beautiful and you can walk through the stone arch into the adjacent cove too.

Views from Cathedral Cove carpark

Views over the coast on the Cathedral Cove walk

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove Archway

Recognise this from Narnia, they walk through this into Narnia in Prince Caspian

View through the Cathedral Cove Archway

The other side of the Cathedral Cove Archway

Us at Cathedral Cove

We will enjoy our evening at a campsite in Hahei looking over the beach :)

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