Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 28 - Tuesday 3rd July - Motueka to Havelock via Nelson and Pelorus Bridge

Today, we decided to be energetic and hired some bikes for the morning. We cycled along the Coastal path through Motueka and back along inland wetlands. It was a brilliant day for it, cloudy but it brought out the brown colours on the wetlands and sands.

Wetlands along coast at Motueka

Our cycle ride in Motueka

Rusty boat in the harbour

Some pigs we saw eating apples with an Oystercatcher

The wetlands near Motueka

A lovely bridge over the canal in Motueka


An interesting rock Motueka

After lunch we left Motueka for Nelson. We didn't stay in Nelson long but I wanted to see the grey marble cathedral on the hill.

Nelson Cathedral
A trip to Nelson had to also include a trip to the jewellers which had made "The One Ring" from Lord of the Rings. They showed us their whole collection as they'd made several sizes of ring and we were able to hold the huge one.

The ONE Ring
From Nelson we headed to Pelorus Bridge with the intention of staying a night there, except they had no power due to winter maintenance so we moved on to Havelock instead. But we did stop for a quick Chai Latte at the cafe in Pelorus Bridge where the owner told us they had filmed a scene for The Hobbit on the river next to the campsite. He said we could have a look so went down to take some photos. The scene they filmed was when the dwarves go down the river in this space!

Where Hobbit was filmed near Pelorus Bridge

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