Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 51 - Thursday 26th July - Whangarei Heads and Tutukaka Coast

Today we had been hoping to do a boat trip out to the Poor Knights Islands except the wind was too strong :( but we have booked it for tomorrow instead :) this just means we had to stay in the Whangarei locality.

We decided to drive to Whangarei Heads, where the road mostly follows the Whangarei River/Harbour out to the coast. It was a beautiful day for it mostly sunny with a little cloud and fairly breezy.

The Whangarei River with New Zealand's largest oil refinery on the right in the background

The Whangarei River very full from all the rain we have had for the past week

The Whangarei Heads on the top of the hill

We drove right to the end of the road at Ocean Beach and had a stroll on the soft golden sands.

A beautiful mushroom we saw near Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

The drive back was half on the same road we had travelled on and half through the hills to the coast further north, known as the Tutukaka Coast.

The Tutukaka Coast has many lovely little beaches and bays with a number of surfers enjoying the conditions. We stopped at a few different beaches for short walks and parked up next to Sandy Bay for an hour or so to watch the surfers.

View of Tutukaka Coast

Us on Matapouri Beach

View from above Whale Bay

An interesting dead, hollow tree we found above Whale Bay

Luke's head inside the tree

Luke looking up the tree

A surfer enjoying Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay

Sunset on Sandy Bay

Sunset from above Whale Bay

Our boat tomorrow leaves from Tutukara Marina so we will enjoy the evening at the campsite in the township here.

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