Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 24 - Friday 29th June - Hokitika to Punakaiki

This morning we had a short wander around the small town centre of Hokitika as it is a very creative town. They have a glass blowing workshop which can be seen from the shop, tours around a jade carving factory as well as The Gold Shop which creates gold jewellery with the unrefined gold nuggets Unfortunately none of these exciting things could be seen today. :( Luke didn't let me stay in The Gold Shop for too long just in case I saw something I liked!!   

Our journey took us north along the West Coast again today, through a large town called Greymouth to a village called Punakaiki.

Near Punakaiki on the coastline is a strange rock formation they call the Pancake Rocks. They are very flat layers of rock stacked on top of one another. AMAZING! Also in the same area are several blowholes which the sea has created over many years of erosion. At high tide, the sea rushes in and booms around in the caves it then blows upwards through the holes, creating a fantastic booming noise and big splash.

Rocks on the West Coast

A river mouth on the West Coast

Pancake Rocks can you see the faces in the rocks?

Me at Pancake Rocks

Luke enjoying his exciting ice cream....ummmm

The chimney, Pancake Rocks

The path on the Pancake Rocks

The surge pool - Pancake Rocks

A large splash in the surge pool at Pancake Rocks

An even larger crash of waves in the surge pool at Pancake Rocks

Take a look at this photo and then take a look of the next photo....

...can you see the faces in the rocks?

Pancake Rocks at sunset

The surge pool at sunset with the sun shining through the blow holes in the rocks, making the rocks look like lava!!

The water splashing in the surge pool at sunset

Pancake Rocks

Sunset over the rocks

A bird we saw in the car park


  1. wow the videos certainly add 3 d dimensions of sound and movement

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