Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 30 - Thursday 5th July - Wellington AKA Wellywood

Today has been a Lord of the Rings Hogan tour day.

We started off at the Weta Workshop, Luke was very, very excited!! The Weta Workshop was where they made the computer special effects, props and prosthetics for many big films including Lord of the Rings, the new Narnia films, District 9, King Kong, Avatar, Tintin...

Oriental Bay, Wellington en route to Miramar for Weta Workshop
They have a Weta Cave where there is a shop selling models, books, miniatures, props etc and there is a small cinema where they show a 25 minute film about the workshop.

The Weta Cave at Weta Workshop

A very excited Hogan!!!

Narnian armour

Saruman and the Witch King models from Lord of the Rings

Luke and Lurtz from Lord of the Rings

Gollum or Smeagol and Luke

The Rings jewellery collection

2 of the Rings

Rivendell miniature

From here we drove around the coastline to Lyall Bay which is where one of the sets was for "Dunharrow".

Lyall Bay, Wellington

Lyall Bay, Wellington

"Dunharrow" at Lyall Bay, Wellington

From Lyall Bay further into Wellington to Mt Victoria, a mountain preserved for green space very close to the city centre. From the top great views over the city are seen on a good day, unfortunately today was a we low cloud day so the views were not as spectacular as they could have been.

Do you remember Frodo saying "GET OUT OF THE ROAD" well this filmed on one of the many walking tracks on Mt Victoria. The hobbits sliding down a bank to discover mushrooms and the hobbit hiding place under the big tree roots were both filmed here as well as some sets for Dunharrow.

"GET OUT OF THE ROAD" on Mt Victoria, Wellington

Hobbit's hiding place, Mt Victoria, Wellington

The bank which the Hobbit slip down to find mushrooms at Mt Victoria, Wellington

The Hobbit's hideaway, Mt Victoria, Wellington

An interesting shaped tree on Mt Victoria, Wellington

The cliff through the trees was also "Dunharrow" on Mt Victoria, Wellington

The misty view over Wellington from Mt Victoria, Wellington

After all this excitement we relaxed in the national museum, Te Papa, browsing with a cake and coffee drying out a little!!

Next we headed north up the main Highway 2 towards Upper Hutt where we will spend the night at "Isengard" or Harcourt Park!! 


  1. Thanks, remember those bits exactly. Can you send a shot of the two giant statues either side of the river (Fellowship of the Ring)...?? ;)

  2. Unfortunately Peter, they were digitally animated and do not quite exist....would be cool if they did though!!!


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