Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 26 - Sunday 1st July - Murchison to Motueka to Kaiteriteri

We woke to some screechy birds this morning, in the light we discovered there was a large field next to the campsite which had some large birds enclosed in it.

The screechy bird

Although today started rather cloudy we seemed to drive into the sunny weather through a few beautiful hoar frosts.

The lovely clouds around the mountains

The hoar frosts on the rocks
We decided to have an easier day today as yesterday's mammoth drive had taken all energy from me, so we took it steady.

We headed on the main Highway 6 from Murchison towards Nelson. The first stop was a look out point from the top of a hill where we were just surrounded by various mountain ranges.

Views of mountains
Our second stop was in a small village called Kohatu for a lovely Chai latte and cake!! This was also where we left the main highway onto a secondary route to Motueka.

In Motueka we caught the tail end of their Sunday market (car boot sale) before they packed up and made the most of the information site here, before parking up next to the sea to have lunch.

View over beach at Motueka
From Motueka we decided to drive up to a rock formation called Split Apple Rock, although halfway down a very windy, steep, narrow road we met a sign which said "Campervans not advised to travel further", so didn't see it :( But we'd passed through a lovely small village on the way next to a beach where we found a campsite overlooking the beach for the night. :)

Near Kaiteriteri

River mouth near Kaiteriteri

We watched the sunset from the warmth of our camper over the sea.

Kaiteriteri beach, view from campervan

Sunsetting at Kaiteriteri beach

Kaiteriteri Bay

Kaiteriteri Bay and moon rising

The rose sunset sky over Kaiteriteri Bay

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