Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 41 - Monday 16th July - Hawai to Rotorua

Today the weather was the same again, just poured down all day. Thankfully we were not flooded when we woke up this morning though, as we had been slightly worried due to the natural paddling pool that developed around us during the evening and the amount of rain we heard during the night!!!

The rough seas near our campsite which are apparently usually as smooth as a millpond!!

We drove towards the next biggest town Opotiki where we wandered the town, got soaked and picked up some information from the Information Centre. We treated ourselves to a Subway lunch before deciding to drive onto Rotorua as there is a bit more to do in a big city on a very wet day than in a wet, small town.

A flooded river en route to Rotorua

Once in Rotorua we found a McCafe to do some internetting in and then found a campsite for the night,  where we have picked up lots of ideas for things to do tomorrow, come rain or shine!!

Rotorua is an interesting place as there is lots of volcanic activity below the ground causing a very rotten eggy smell constantly in the atmosphere around the do not notice it after you have been here a few hours though. 

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  1. dad s volcanic acrivity causes eggy smells aswell


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