Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 25 - Saturday 30th June - Punakaiki to Karamea to Murchison

Today we did huge amounts of driving...350km or 220 miles!!! So, I am now exhausted and ready for sleep!

We continued our journey northwards this morning through the town of Westport to Karamea. I had thought this drive was a very scenic coastal drive with several limestone arches along the coast to see but actually it wasn't, I'd mis-read the guide book!!! Half of it was an inland road through semi-tropical forests with not a lot to see, but the coastal route was nice but lacking limestone arches.

The coastline we passed en route to Karamea

The West Coast

A train

Route to Karamea through the mountains

Once in Karamea the tourist information was shutting as we arrived but the nice lady gave us a leaflet and sent us on our way. Karamea is a small town at the end of the road along the West Coast and unless you want to do long trekking walks or have access to a 4x4 vehicle there is not a lot to do here!! The limestone arches are actually inland and take a few days trekking to reach. So, we found a nice beach to relax on and have lunch. I even had a paddle until a bigger wave struck me when I wasn't looking and I was rather wet from the waist down.

Beach at Karamea

Ruth getting splashed whilst having a paddle

A wet Ruth returning to the dry land


The afternoon took us the 100km drive back to Westport, where we took the Highway 6 towards Murchison, saying we would stop at the next campsite we saw...100km later in Murchison! The drive was beautiful though through the Buller Gorge in the late afternoon winter sun.

Return journey to Westport

The Buller River Gorge

The road passing under a cliff face

The Buller Gorge

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  1. ruth started the habit of falling in the sea on her 1st ever holiday. on arrival in whitby at 9 am she was unbalanced by a wave and fell headlong fully clothed. we couldnt even check into digs until that afternoon. she had to survive in underwear thereafter


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