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I'm Ruth. I am married to Luke, my very artistic husband. We live in the beautifully diverse city of Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Currently I work as an Optometrist, but love travelling and cooking, which are the main themes of this blog.

Every week I blog a recipe which I have made, adapted or created on my FOODY FRIDAY posts.

You can read lots about my adventures in New Zealand, as well as my adventures in Brazil, Malawi, Egypt, & the Isles of Scilly.

I also love photography, researching my family history and playing the clarinet and piano.

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  1. Hi there to you and Master Luke - Linda very kindly forwarded your blog so we could look at your amazing photos. It looks absolutely fantastic and sounds like an amazing trip already. Hope you dont come across any Awks on your journey but if so, Im sure Gandalf's staff Luke had will be useful.
    Stay Safe
    Tracy And Janine :-)


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