Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 40 - Sunday 15th July - Tatapouri to Hawai

As we left our campsite this morning it was starting to rain a little just lightly, but by lunchtime it was blowing a gale a pouring it down. The wettest day of our trip so far!!

We carried on driving up the Pacific Coast Highway (35) which does not actually follow the seashore much of the way.

We stopped in Tolaga Bay briefly to walk along the longest wharf (or pier) in New Zealand. This is not far from where Cook first landed named Cook's Cove.

Tolaga Bay with the wharf and rocks in the bay

The beautiful Tolaga Bay

Driftwood on Tolaga Bay

Tolaga Bay
We continued our journey the rain very persistent by now was not allowing us to stop and walk or see anything at all. We stopped briefly for lunch in Te Araroa and for a cuppa in Wainui Bay. Not long after our stop for a cuppa decided to find the next campsite and stop for the night as the weather was worsening, but 2 campsites we saw were water-logged and had no power so we continued until we eventually found a powered campsite 2.5 hours later!!! Although we're safe and dry we seem to be parked up in a good few inches of water, let's see what the weather brings us overnight.

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