Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 48 - Monday 23rd July - Auckland

Unfortunately the weather doesn't seem to be on our side at the moment, as we had another rather wet day.

We decided we would use public transport rather than drive around the city so we caught 2 buses to the Bayswater ferry terminal. Unfortunately the times of the buses and ferries do not link up well so there was a lot of waiting involved and we eventually arrived in Downtown Auckland at 12:30pm, lunchtime.

The ferry trip across the harbour was very nice with views of the big road bridge and the large city buildings including the Sky Tower (Australasia's highest building).

Auckland from the ferry

Auckland Bridge across the Harbour

The Auckland Harbour

Getting closer to the city

For lunch we found a nice little Italian cafe.

After lunch we caught the bus to the Auckland Museum where we spent a good couple of hours, looking at beautiful photography, stuffed birds and Maori artefacts.

The Museum - Maori Carvings

More Maori Carvings in the museum

Coming out of the museum we noticed the summit of Mt Eden was covered in thick cloud cover so decided that we probably would not get the beautiful views we expected from it today, so headed back to our campsite.

On the return trip we caught the ferry to Devonport and 2 buses back from there which all connected quite smoothly this time.

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