Saturday, 28 July 2012

Day 53 - Saturday 28th July - Bay of Islands to Awanui

We woke feeling pretty stuff and sore this morning from our snorkelling adventures yesterday.

First we wandered around the township of Paihia finding beautiful homemade fudge!!

Across the river from Paihia is the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, a very historic place for New Zealand. It is where the treaty was written, discussed and signed by British emigrants and Maori chiefs saying the Maori's remained owners of their land (unless sold) and the British crown would defend the country from invasion should it be needed.

In the Treaty Grounds we saw a huge, intricately carved Maori canoe, similar to what would have been used by the chiefs to arrive at the Treaty signing.

Intricate carving on the side of the Maori canoe

Carving on the boat house

Hobson's Bay where they boat house is

Maori boat house and canoes, they're really really long

Carvings on boat house

More carvings

We visited the Treaty House where it was written and a Maori Meeting House built on the site. The Meeting House is really beautifully decorated with wooden carvings.

Treaty House

Carvings inside the Maori Meeting House

More wall carvings

A carved pillar inside the Maori Meeting House

Luke behaving like a Maori outside the Meeting House

We drove on to a lookout point over the Bay of Islands and after onto the Haruru Falls. Both absolutely amazing!!

Views over Bay of Islands

Haruru Falls

After lunch we drove onto Kerikeri, also in the Bay of Islands area for a wander around the town and to visit the Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls looking down

Onward we travelled to Awanui via a scenic coastal route for a short time where we found a very friendly campsite and chippy, where we indulged in tea. :)

Views en route to Awanui

Coastal views

An interestingly shaped mountain we passed

The sunset en route to Awanui

We are now very nearly at the most northern part of North Island, the last of which we will do tomorrow!!

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  1. love the boat house and looking forward to homemade fudge you ll bring me!!
    the maori figures look familiar of whom do they remind me?


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