Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 43 - Wednesday 18th July - White Island

Today was our very exciting trip!!! The weather could not have been better for us, the wind was not too strong and the sea and skies true blue.

We left our campsite in Whakatane for the town centre early in the morning, as we had to sign in for our boat trip to White Island, a live volcano. (White Island is also where they filmed the Eustace turning into a dragon on Narnia's Voyage of the Dawntreader)

The island can be spotted from miles away due to its constant steaming and erupting.

White Island from the distance

White Island steaming

On arrival at the island we had to transfer to a dinghy to jump ashore. 

Arriving at White Island in dinghy's
 The rocks in the bay were bright red.

Our boat, dinghy and the bright red bay

We had to wear hard hats due to the possibility of flying debris and a gas mask as some of the steam was sulphuric acid and carbon dioxide which got to the back of your throats making you cough.

Us on White Island...looking very trendy in our hard hats and with our gas masks

On the island we walked around for a couple of hours, seeing lots of exciting volcanic rocks, craters, steam, rivers of sulphur, loads of pure sulphur crystals and lots more :)

Sulphur on the rocks

The steaming crater

A view of the whole crater 

Boiling mud and water

Our party of tourists walking across volcanic terrain

The old Sulphur works, which are gradually being buried under ash and debris from eruptions

Back on the boat we were provided with a packed lunch and had a trip around the island and back to the mainland. On the return trip we saw seals basking in the sun and encountered dolphins feeding and not just a few....loads and loads of them. They played around the boat for a while and they are absolutely beautiful, elegant creatures.


Lots of dolphins

Beautiful dolphins

Back on land we drove out of town to a beach campsite called Matata. We played around on the beach for a while until the sunset, which was spectacular again.

The Matata Beach

Sunset on the beach


  1. gas mask and hard hat would be useful for living with dad

  2. expected to see you both swimming with the dolphins


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