Monday, 25 November 2013

Blackpool Illuminations

A few weeks ago, Luke and I had a date night so we visited Blackpool and the illuminations. Luke had never been, so I had to take him.

We drove the scenic way over the moor tops at Haworth towards the Colne valley and saw this magnificent rainbow...

Rainbow near Haworth

Magnificent rainbow

We also saw the sunset over the M55 driving into Blackpool...

M55 sunset

Then we were there...

Welcome to Blackpool

There was a huge mirror ball on the promenade...

Blackpool Promenade Mirror Ball

...which you could see yourself in if you stood beneath it!

Me in a mirror ball

The beach looked stunning but was closed off...
...possibly because it was sooooo WINDY!

The beach and promenade

The lights came on at sunset and we saw lots of sparkles...

An Illuminated Tram

The illuminations...

...and a tardis...

...the tardis.

We had much fun, in the arcades and eating greasy burgers and chips for tea although I must admit the illuminations were not as exciting as I remembered them being as a child. We arrived back at the car as wind swept icicles.

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