Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 7 - Tuesday 12th June - Lake Tekapo to Mt John Observatory to Mt Cook to Tasman Glacier to Omarama

We watched the sun rise over Lake Tekapo from our campervan this morning, BEAUTIFUL!

Sunrise over Lake Tekapo

Today, we have driven 230km but our day started out in the township of Lake Tekapo where we picked up a few groceries. We heard a loud horn and to our surprise a lorry drove past through the narrow streets in the town at full speed with a whole assembled house on the back of it!!!!!

Next stop was the Mt John Observatory which sits on the hilltop overlooking the lake, where you can get a 360 degree panoramic view, another spectacular place.

View of Lake Tekapo (right) and Lake Alexandrina (left)
from Mt John Observatory

Our next stop was Mt Cook village, at the base of the highest mountain in Australasia called Mt Cook. The views of the mountain ranges on the drive to Mt Cook were lovely.

Mt Cook, highest mountain in Australasia

Mt Cook

A lot of the walks around Mt Cook are hardcore and also hazardous due to the winter weather. There are several glaciers on Mt Cook, one being the Tasman Glacier so we parked up nearby and walked to the viewpoint and to the Tasman Lake at the base of the glacier. It looked like an abandoned quarry which had filled up with water, except there were huge chunks of glacial ice floating in it.

Tasman Glacier and Lake

Tasman Glacial Lake

After this we drove to a small town called Omarama, where we shall stay the night before travelling further tomorrow.

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