Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 12 - Sunday 17th June - Southern Scenic Route - Dunedin to Owaka

Last night was very frosty so it was pretty chilly waking up this morning. There was a haw frost in places too which made everything look very beautiful.

We left Dunedin on the Southern Scenic Route south and got as far as Owaka, about half way between Dunedin and Invercargill.

View en route

The Catlins, a view en route

En route we took some small detours to see some natural beauty spots. The first was Manuka Gorge where there is a tunnel. Supposedly you can see glow worms in the tunnel but we didn't see any today!!

The Glowworm Tunnel

Next stop was Nugget Point, where there is a lighthouse very high up on a spit of land. We saw a few seals basking in the sunshine and walked up to the lighthouse where there was incredible views of the Nugget rocks and coastline.

A nugget

The lighthouse and nuggets

The nugget rocks

Further along the coast we visited Jack's bay. A short walk from the bay is a huge blowhole, 200m inland, 155m deep where the sea rushes in and ferociously batters the rocks beneath where you're standing. You could hear the sound of the sea before you saw the hole. Incredible!!

Jack's Blowhole

We found a campsite in a small village called Pounawea just outside of Owaka, where we will spend the night, camping next to the mouth of the Catlins river and 5 minute walk from the sea.

Another view en route

The river near our campsite at sunset

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