Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 11 - Saturday 16th June - DUNEDIN - Cadbury's World NZ and Otago Peninsular

We stayed in and around Dunedin to see some of the delights of the area.

Cadbury's World NZ was our first port of call this morning, where we sampled lots of chocolate alongside learning about the history of chocolate, Cadbury's and how it's made. They dropped a tonne of chocolate from a huge height above us, like a massive chocolate fountain. The smell in the factory was amazing!!

Vintage Cadbury's delivery van

Vintage Cadbury's milk tanker

Next was the Otago Peninsular, a wiggly windy Coastal road with stunning scenery, fantastic looking beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and NZ's only castle (which we somehow missed!). Luke did a fab painting of the scenery.

Otago Peninsular

Otago Peninsular

View from top of Otago Peninsular

Another view from top of Otago Peninsular

A dead octopus in the waters on the Peninsular

We had a lovely walk on the beach as the sun was beginning to set next to our campsite.

Beach at twilight

As I write this we're contemplating what to have for tea and are tempted by NZ's "Fush n Chups" from the campsite take away shop.

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