Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 1 - Wednesday 6th June - SINGAPORE

We arrived in Singapore at nearly 7am which was the equivalent of midnight in the UK. We had not slept much on the flight here as we were wide awake but on our arrival in Singapore we were starting to wilt!! We had a 12 hour wait until our next flight.

Changi Airport Singapore is amazing...they have a butterfly garden on the roof, various children’s soft play areas, palm trees inside the building, lovely shops, great food outlets (Western and Eastern), a snooze area, FREE tours of Singapore and a transit hotel with facilities such as showers, swimming pool, spa, etc.

The showers were fab...just what we needed after a 14 hour flight.

We took full advantage of the tour to get out of the airport for a few hours. Singapore wasn’t quite what I expected lots of high rise buildings, fancy hotels, a large harbour and very tropical looking. It was 25 degrees Celsius, so in the sun was pretty hot. Luckily we had packed summer clothes in our hand luggage.
Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Singapore Eye

Merlion fountain and Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background

Singapore taxi

National Museum of Singapore

View over a river in Singapore
By the end of the tour we were very, very, very had a lovely Singapore noodle meal and then utilised the snooze area, where we managed to grab a few hours kip.

Luke just awake at Changi Airport, Singapore
NB the palm trees inside the terminal building
A sleepy Roo at the airport too

Our ride to New Zealand and bed for the night!

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  1. for a while i thought the name on the side of yhe aircraft was stab alliance.


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