Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 6 - Monday 11th June - Grumpy’s Retreat to Fairlie to Lake Tekapo via Burkes Pass

The weather this morning was not looking promising, we woke to very grey skies and as we left Grumpy's Retreat the heavens opened. As we drove onwards westward we seemed to drive through and out of the rain.

Views en route to Lake Tekapo

Views en route to Lake Tekapo

We stopped at a small town called Fairlie en route to Lake Tekapo, which we had heard had an amazing bakery. We had to test it for ourselves though and it was FANTASTIC! Luke had a sausage roll which was huge, with 2 inches diametre of sausage meat in the middle!

Luke's mammoth sausage roll

By the time we had left Fairlie the sun was starting to appear. We passed through beautiful countryside, through a small town called Burkes Pass to Lake Tekapo, which is indescribably beautiful.

Lake Tekapo

Statue of dog which over looks Lake Tekapo

On the lakeside is the village chapel, called the Church of the Good Shepherd, which has a window behind the altar with a view straight out across Lake Tekapo. I don't know how anyone can concentrate on a sermon in that church!

View over the altar in the Church of the Good Shepherd

There is only one campsite in the township of Lake Tekapo which has powered sites, so we are camping there tonight with a scenic view across the lake.

View from campsite

Next door to the campsite are the Hot Springs and Ice Rink. Both of which we took full advanatage of. It has to be said I was the first to fall over on the ice, whilst attempting to skate on one leg!! My knees are now multicoloured. After the ice skating we enjoyed the outdoor hot pools whilst watching the sun set over the lake, totally idyllic. 

My beautiful skating
Luke's skating


  1. Wonderful! We know the Church of the Good Shepherd because we celebrated Easter 2007 there. Yes, it is hard to concentrate on the service with that view, but the sermon was so good we had no trouble. Great skating both of you. Well done!

  2. wow, ice rink and hot pools!
    looks like you're having fun
    can you make the pictures a little bigger? they're so beautiful I want to see more

    1. Thanks Helen, I have gone through and made a lot of the photos larger...enjoy!

  3. I'm sure the hot pools did wonders for your poor knees after falling over skating. It all looks so beautiful! enjoying following your travels xxx

  4. Is it wrong that I was sat here watching Luke skate, willing him to fall down just so I could laugh out loud?


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