Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 4 - Saturday 9th June - Mount Somers campsite to Mount Sunday AKA “Edoras” to Mount Somers campsite

Still waking very early but managed to sleep in until 6am this getting a bit more used to NZ time. The night had been much warmer thankfully but still a little chilly. 

Whilst we were in NZ Luke wanted to visit as many Lord of the Rings film locations as possible but one of his favourites to visit was “Edoras” so we journeyed the 40km to Mount Sunday. At least 25-30km of this was on gravel track/roads so it was slow progress and took us nearly 2 hours to get there, via the Lakes Clearwater and Camp and the Potts River Canyon. We passed the most amazing scenery ever though on the remote, wild and just beautiful...words cannot describe. We kept stopping and slowing down to take photos.

The road to "Edoras"

The snowy scenery on route to "Edoras"
NB The gravelly road

The mountains as we get closer to "Edoras"

The road continues....

Lake Camp

Lake Clearwater

Potts River Canyon

We got as close as we could by road to Mount Sunday and then climbed to the top and spent some time taking in the fantastic scenery.

The first views of "Edoras"

Just to prove we were there too...

The walk to "Edoras"

Views from the summit of Mt Sunday (Edoras)

More views from "Edoras"

For tea, we sampled the local pubs cuisine of a hamburger and egg, sausage and chips....YUMMY!!!!!!


  1. Hi Ruth just catching up on your travels. I didn't think about the fact that it would probably be cold there! Its winter isn't it? Loving the pics and it sounds like 4 days in and you are already having an amazing time! don't forget to get some FV pics if you can. FV reaches New Zealand would be great to see :-) have the best time love Teri xxx

  2. Yes, will try and get some FV photos up, its just difficult as we don't have internet access very regularly...

  3. The photos of Edoras are amazing!! The scenery just blows you away!! It's so good, it doesn't even look real!


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