Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 2 - Thursday 7th June - CHRISTCHURCH

Dawn has broken above New Zealand

Dawn has broken above New Zealand

Snowy mountains over the Southern Alps, NZ
Our flight landed in Christchurch just as its coldest 24 hours in 150 years had ended. The previous day they had had a huge “dump of snow” and was very cold and icy especially on the roads.

Due to the weather and jet-laggedness, we collected our Cheapa Campa campervan (home for the next 10 weeks) and camped up at a site not far from the airport. 

Luke befriended a very generous man, nicknamed “Mr Food”, from Brighton, UK who was leaving for home the next day and he gave us lots of his leftover food. He also invited us over for a beer in their huge 6 berth campervan and told us of all the places we should visit, which was really helpful and gave us some advice on the weather. It was forecast to thaw out a bit!!

We managed to stay awake until 8pm JUST! 

ZZZzzzzz z z z z  z   z    z     z         z


  1. On the way back please could you take more pictures of the airplane... :p

    1. Airport security makes these things difficult!


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