Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 14 - Tuesday 19th June - Southern Scenic Route - Invercargill to Tuatapere

You can tell we are now on the wetter westerly side of the south island as today again started drizzly!! Although the weather brightened for us as the day progressed.

We have driven 220km today, we started in Invercargill and we are now heading north-west on the Southern Scenic Route towards fiordland.

We took a detour to drive by the Riverton Rocks where good views can be had over towards Stewart Island but not on a drizzly day like today! The rocks were lovely in themselves though and some looked like brains.

Riverton Rocks

Our next stop was Round Hill where we did a 2.5 hour walk (which took us an hour!). The walk was around old 19th century Chinese and European goldmines and we were on a gold hunt but we think the miners found it all. :(

Our next stop was Monkey Island Bay where we had heard gold and gemstones were to be found occasionally on the beach. Luke found a rock which we think contains a little gold?!

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay

Can you see the gold?
 As we entered Fiordland National Park we detoured off the main highways onto gravel roads for 30km to see the deepest lake in New Zealand, Lake Hauroko. We passed 1 other camper and 2 herds of cows on the gravel road to and from the lake. The lake was beautiful but eerily quiet.

The herd of cows

Lake Hauroko

Lake Hauroko

We backtracked a little to the small town of Tautapere as we needed a campsite for the night and diesel, if we continued north there would not be another town for nearly 100km!!!

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