Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 70 - Tuesday 14th August - Packing and Cleaning

Guess what?

It is still raining!! Thankfully it did not matter to us too much as all we had to do was pack our bags, clean our campervan and return the campervan.

Packing was a challenge, how do we get all these things into our bags again!!! It is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, but eventually we managed it.

Cleaning the campervan was dull and it was quite sad to feel we were leaving New Zealand although we are happy to be on our way home at last as we miss you all muchly.

After all this hard work we had lunch out at a nice cafe near the campsite. Spicy wedges with bacon and cheese...delicious.

Next was returning our van...we had driven 10,327km or 6,416 miles in the 68 days we had the van!!!!!!!!!! That is on average 94 miles each day...WOW!

Once settled and sorted in our cabin at the campsite we watched a film and had tea before getting an early night for an early morning rise tomorrow.

This has been an epic trip and an amazing one, with lots of friendly people, beautiful scenery and awesome memories. Although it is not quite over yet we have to get back to England first...let the journey begin!!

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