Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 66 - Friday 10th August - Porter's Ski-field

As the Arthur's Pass was so beautiful we decided a days skiing here would be fun, so went to Porter's Ski-field.

En route to Arthur's Pass
The gravel road access to the ski field
It took a bit of time for us to get going as the piste was really icy and the odd drag lifts took some getting used to. In fact I was nearly ready for giving up by 11am!

By lunchtime we were just getting up to speed so had a quick lunch and headed out onto the slopes again.

View from half way up the piste

Luke enjoying his day skiing
The sun just peaking over the mountain
In the afternoon we were a bit more adventurous going gradually bit by bit higher up the mountain and skiing down to the bottom until we made it to the top. The views were worth coming up for if nothing else.

View from higher up the piste

View from the top

View of Lake Coleridge from the top

More views from the piste

The ski from the top to the bottom was fab, the snow perfect from the top to half way down.

On our way down we noticed all the ski-lifts had stopped and there was no-one else on the piste!!! We had been overtaken by everyone, thankfully the ski-rental was still open.

From the ski-field we drove back through Springfield where we had stayed last night to Ashley Gorge near Oxford.

Looking back at the piste from the gravel road

The Arthur's Pass in the distance

The cloud creeping up the valley

At the campsite we were pre-warned of the muddy conditions but still managed to get the campervan stuck and had to be pulled out!!!

It does mean that we cannot get near enough to a power socket without getting stuck so we are in for a cold night!!


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