Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 68 - Sunday 12th August - Akaroa

The weather has been atrocious today, with really heavy relentless rain all day.

We stuck with our plan to visit the Banks Peninsular and drove to Akaroa.

An interesting cliff

A very misty view

Interesting houses in the rainy weather

Once there we wandered around the small quaint little shops. The town has a distinct French flavour as it is a French colonised town.

After a few shops we were drenched so we found a lovely little cafe for lunch and also used their Internet for an hour, before visiting a few more shops.

A cloudy harbour


Realising this weather was not clearing up we found the campsite and got ourselves warm and dry. Then we played the board game Carcassonne to keep us entertained for a few hours!

Who won i hear you ask? Yes, it was me who just scraped through to win!


  1. carcassone capturing the french flavour of your environs

  2. I love the picture of the cloudy harbour. Very atmospheric! I can't believe I found your blog only now, after you posted a link to it on my profile page! How could I have missed it before?


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