Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 65 - Thursday 9th August - Arthur's Pass

As I write this I am aware that in a weeks time I should be firmly back on UK soils!! Where has the last 9 weeks gone.

We woke to clear blue skies this morning and could see mountains which had been hidden yesterday.

Today we passed back to the east side of the country via the Arthur's Pass through the mountains.

The road took us through the flat farmland plains into the steep sided Otira Gorge up to the Arthur's Pass Village.

Gorse lined riverbed

Mountains just coming into view over the horizon

Tranzalpine Train with mountains in background

Otira Gorge

Otira Gorge Viaduct

Mountain Parrots - Kea

From the village the drive was along a high mountain plateau, by the side of a large wide mountain river.

The road crosses the wide mountain river bed

The beautiful mountains along Arthur's Pass

More mountains...

Snow and cloud capped mountain

Another mountain

The mountain sheep

The rolling plateau

After a while we noticed a large limestone rock formation called Castle Hill which looked vaguely familiar, as it had been used for some scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia. We had a walk and clamber over the rocks with the high snow-capped mountains surrounding.

A scene from "The Chronicles of Narnia" film - Castle Hill

Limestone outcrops with snow-capped mountains

Huge limestone boulders...Luke is the king of the castle!

Can you see a face in this rock?

Beautiful mountain views

Nearing Springfield

Our journey continued to the town of Springfield where we decided to stay the night in the mountains so we could go skiing tomorrow, as it was still early in the afternoon I challenged Luke to a dual of Carcassonne and was miserably defeated!!

Our game of Caracassonne

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