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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 57 - Wednesday 1st August - Te Hana to Big Bay in Manukau Harbour

Today we started our day the Te Hana replica 300 year old Maori village where we had a very interesting tour. We learnt lots about the Maori heritage, culture, their community and lifestyle.

The Maori Village - Te Hana

Village Gate Post

Communal Kitchen Hut

The kitchen hut was used when the community cooked together as a tribe for special occasions

Maori Meeting House

The Meeting House was where the villagers met together, the house is a sacred place and represents a man. (see arrows on photo) They would have funerals here carrying the body through the window as the door was solely for the living.

Maori Carving

Carvings were their form of communication or expression.

Village Hut

High Priest's Hut

The High Priest was isolated on the edge of the village, with his door facing east. He was the most spiritual person in the village, who never married and lived alone. He would make potions and medicines and attend to the sick. He was not able to touch anyone due to him being so holy or spiritual.

Fortified Hill in centre of Village

The warriors watched out over the village and beyond from this point. There were trenches and tunnels through the hill which were used in warfare. There is a drum which was struck continuously during the night to fend off attacking tribes.

We had a really long conversation with our tour guide about how Maori's feel towards the European invasion and the Treaty of Waitangi. It was fascinating and saddening to see what we took away from a people and how we changed a whole nation.

From Te Hana we just drove south straight through Auckland to Pukekohe.

Rainbow en route to Auckland

Auckland and Sky Tower

In Pukekohe we stopped at an information centre. The lady there recommended we visit the Manukau Lighthouse and the bays around it. It was a fab suggestion as it is so beautiful especially in the sun with views to the Tasman Sea, over the Manukau Harbour towards Auckland.

Manukau Lighthouse

Views from the Lighthouse

Views from lighthouse out to the Tasman Sea

We found a campsite at Big Bay in the Manukau Harbour to spend the night. It is amazing. 

Big Bay

Big Bay

Big Bay across to Auckland

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