Friday, 31 October 2014

Celebrating Halloween Differently

Halloween = All Hallows Evening

A light in dark places
Halloween is celebrated on 31st October on the eve before All Saint's Day on 1st November. It is originally a Christian celebration to remember those dead saints and martyrs who came before us.

Unfortunately I feel that Halloween has become quite a dark festival where we celebrate "death" and things associated with darkness. We dress up as skeletons and vampires, paint blood on our faces and think about dark things. After nightfall in the UK children knock on their neighbours doors asking for sweets and money, threatening to trick you if you do not give them a treat. 

I do not like the intimidation that comes with people knocking on your door threatening to trick you if you do not give them a treat, although that is not the case for everyone but we all know there are some that will throw eggs at your windows and doors or do something unpleasant to trick you. In previous years, my husband and I have gone out on Halloween to avoid the pressures that trick or treaters bring. I also do not agree with celebrating darkness and negativity, so this year instead of buying sweets and chocolate to give out I bought nightlight candles.
The candles leading to my house

But why candles I hear you ask?

Well, I want to promote light in dark places. I am a Christian and believe that Jesus is "the light of the  world". I have been giving the children candles saying to them "I do not celebrate darkness but am giving you a candle to light at home to remember that there is also light in the world".

I also lit candles up to the door of my house to guide the trick or treaters to my house in light, rather than in darkness.

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