Monday, 22 July 2013

Surprising Lilies & Aubergines

 I had some beautiful ceramic pots in my little garden which had been planted by my dad 2 years ago and then just left to dry out and grow weeds. A few months ago when I was clearing them out for somewhere to plant my AUBERGINES I noticed this plant seemed to be doing quite well, it was not dead and nor did it look like a weed, so I cleared the weeds from around it and left it be.

Last week the bud burst into a beautiful firey orange lily...

Firey Orange Lily

...I still cannot believe it has survived so well from 2 years of neglect!!!

Surprising Lily with my Aubergines

My little aubergines are struggling outside, but these are some of the smaller plants, one or two in the grow bag seem to be thriving nicely.

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