Wednesday, 24 April 2013

BRADFORD - The City Park

When the city centre police station was knocked down in 2007/8, they decided to redevelop the area around the City Hall and Centenary Square into the City Park with fountains and a shallow pond called the Mirror Pool.

The City Park, Bradford

The City Park has created a great area for exhibitions, markets, concerts and other city centre events. It is a great place to "hang out" whilst children play in the water and adults enjoy a coffee in the sunshine.

Beautiful reflection in the Mirror Pool

Last year, the City Park was awarded the Best Place in the UK award. It also hosts the highest fountain in the UK.

The City Hall surrounded by the City Park, Bradford

The Mirror Pool is empty at the beginning of the day and fills gradually throughout the day with the numerous fountains surrounding it. There is a light show in the evening when the pool is full and it is drained overnight, ready for the next day.

The Mirror Pool full

The opening ceremony of the City Park was just over a year ago and it was an amazing day. The square was packed with people and there were acrobats and a firework display.

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