Friday, 22 March 2013

Random sweets

In Bradford city centre there is a shop which sells seconds of various food products. They always have a good selection of sweets, so we often pop in when we're in town for a cheap sugar rush to give us the energy to walk back to East Bowling with all our shopping.

A few weeks ago we found quite a strange selection of sweets...

...I chose a bag of chocolate coated fruit and nutes which contains strawberries, ginger, nuts, raspberries and various other types of chocolate coated berries.

Seconds chocolate coated fruit

Although, one white chocolate coated strawberry resembled a little pig's head...

White chocolate coated strawberry which looked like a pigs head

My husband on the other hand chose a bag of jellied sweets containing...

...a huge spider sweet!

Bag of jellied sweets

It was pretty big...!

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