Wednesday, 6 March 2013

BRADFORD - The City Hall

Bradford City Hall is a huge building in Centenary Square which dominates the city centre's skyline with its tall clock tower. 

Bradford City Hall & City Park

It is a Grade 1 listed building and was built to replace an old town hall, as Bradford needed a city hall to revival that of Leeds and Halifax's. It was opened on the 9th September 1873 but has been extended a few times since then.

The back of Bradford City Hall

On the frontage of the hall a stone statue of Oliver Cromwell can be found, if you look for him carefully.

The front of the City Hall and main entrance

Main entrance - close up
A side door to the city hall

The view of the City Hall over the grass embankment near the Alhambra

On a good day with the wind blowing in the correct direction we can hear the clock chiming from our house a few miles away. At Christmas the bells play a festive tune to make the turning of another hour.

The sun shining behind the clock tower, silhouetting the City Hall clock tower

I love to see the inside of this fantastic building one day.

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