Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring has Sprung in the Garden


Spring has finally sprung, which is allowing me to get out in the garden. This is the first spring I have lived in a house with a garden, so I am very excited about what we might grow this year. We visited the local garden centre a few weeks ago and I spent lots of my Christmas money on garden equipment including a raised bed, seeds and plants, etc (my husband says I can't go back for a while as I spent too much money!).

I have planted:

  • herb seeds - coriander, basil & parsley
  • daffodils along the edge of my lawn
  • blueberry bushes
  • raspberry canes
  • runner bean seeds
  • pea seeds
  • butternut squash seeds
  • spinach seeds
  • a tomato plant
  • carrots
  • violas

My windowsill

Many of the potted seeds are sat on my window sill in the conservatory whilst they germinate and I am really enjoying watching new shoots appear most days with the beautiful warm sunny weather we have been having. I cannot wait to get them planted outside especially if this beautiful weather continues.

Blueberry bush

Previously I have not been so successful at growing plants and keeping them alive so this year is my year to prove myself wrong and harvest bumper crops to feed the family!!!


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