Sunday, 19 January 2014

Welcome to 2014 with "These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things"

Happy New Year to all my readers, thanks for following me into 2014...

...this is a really delayed blog post but I wanted to share some of my reflections about this blog, where it has been over the past year and where it might go into 2014.

I had a really fab year blogging in 2013, through which I learnt so much about blogging and how to enjoy it, share it and inspire others through sharing my passions.

Some favourites from 2013 have been:

  • FOODY FRIDAY which is going really well and I love cooking and trying out new dishes so it is perfect to find others who enjoy this journey with me...
  • Old Adventures... which I have loved sharing some of my old journeys with you and reflecting on the beauty of the world .
  • A Day Out in Skipton which has been my most popular blog post this year.
  • Wedding X-Stitch which is my most creative achievement.

So, where are we going as we head into 2014...

...I'm not 100% sure, but I am going to definitely continue with FOODY FRIDAY and sharing any interesting travels or adventures, photos or creative achievements as and when they happen. Blogging will probably slow down for a time as I have been writing a book about my family history, which is quite demanding of my time and I want to get it finished, alongside work and everything else I do. You can read my other blog about my family history research at Ruth's Ancestors as well, but unless you're really interested in genealogy you might find it a bit boring!

I'm excited to see what happens this year and want to thank you all for continuing to follow me...'s to 2014!

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