Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advents Kalendar Tee - Day 1 - Guten Morgen Tee

Advents Kalendar Te
As you may remember last year my sister-in-law created AdvenTea which we used to count down to Christmas and blogged about (see my AdvenTea blog posts from 2012).

Well, for Christmas last year from my mother's friend, Eva, in Germany we were given this... we have kept it in a "safe" place until now to do a German "Advents Kalendar Tee".

Day 1 - Guten Morgen Tee
The first tea is: Guten Morgen Tee

It's ingredients are:
Blackberry Leaves

Smell: Aniseedy & vague hint of mint

Taste: very much the same as the smell

Score: 8/10

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