Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New Mills nr the Peak District

On Saturday, Luke and I took my mum out for a small adventure as it was a beautiful sunny day. We ended up doing a short walk along the river Goyt.

We followed the path which took us along a high walkway above the river...

View from the walkway over the River Goyt nr New Mills

...this was looking back at the walkway, it was quite scary looking down whilst walking on the walkway!

The walkway over the River Goyt nr New Mills

Next we came across some ruins of a mill and a large viaduct...

Viaduct & mill ruins over River Goyt

...but looking onwards further there was a more interesting double via/aquaduct.

The via/aquaduct over the River Goyt

Looking back it appeared as if the large viaduct was built on a smaller arched bridge below.

Viaduct on a bridge over the River Goyt

Walking further, there were some beautiful reflections of the trees in the river...

Reflections in the water

...and an old wooden gate...

Rickerty wooden gate

...and llamas awaiting for our arrival. They were not the most well presented animals as they were continually scratching their bottoms with their legs, but I got a quick snapshot when they were looking more civalised!


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