Friday, 1 February 2013


I have decided to sell a few things that I have had stashed away for a little while, to make a little bit of money hopefully!!!

I am advertising them all on Ebay:

1) A Gui Laroque Coat

Original labels still attached

BRAND NEW in original packaging
Size: Small (approx size 10)
Colour: Cream
Style No: BL-3041

Click link above to see full description.

Coat in Original packaging

In Original Packaging
Unisex White Dressing Gown

BRAND NEW also in original packaging

Click link above for full description

Label inside gown

Used book, with a few pencil underlinings.

Published by: McGraw-Hill International Editions (Aerospace Science & Technology Series)
ISBN 0-02-801859-1

Again to see the full description click the link above.

Few pencil underlinings

If you are interested in any of these three products you can contact me through Ebay.

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