Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bruna - my sponsor child...

We sponsor a child through a charity called Compassion.

Our sponsor child is called: Bruna

It is her 7th birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNA!

She lives in Aldeota in Ceara, Brazil. I have a passion for Brazil as I spent  my gap year living and working in a city called Fortaleza in Ceara, Brazil. One day I hope to return to Brazil to visit my friends and Bruna. I would love to see where she lives and plays alongside meeting her friends and family as well.

Bruna lives with her parents and is the only child in her family.

She speaks Portuguese and attends the Centro Educacional Betesda de Taua project.

Bruna loves to sing, play with her dolls and friends.
Brazil Political Map (CLICK TO ENLARGE)
(Image link:,
28 Jan 2008, accessed 15 Feb 2014

The regional diet consists of chicken, eggs, beans, rice potatoes and bread.

It is quite a rural area where most people will be employed on the plantations.

I love sponsoring a child in another country as its a great way of giving something amazing back to someone on the other side of the world. You learn so much about different cultures and different ways of life. It is even more special to sponsor a child from an area that I have previously lived and worked in.

If you have children of your own, sponsor a child of your children's age, then they can grow up hearing news of another child's life across the globe.

You know exactly where your sponsorship money goes and by sponsorship you give a child a chance of a decent education that they may not get otherwise.

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