Friday, 13 October 2017

Coming Soon . . . Essencia by Ruth

Essencia is Portuguese for essence & means:
  • Nature
  • Soul
  • Being
  • Lifeblood

For some time, I've been on a journey to chemical-free living, ethical shopping and how can we help our environment through what we eat. I really feel I want to share this journey with you through my new venture . . . . ESSENCIA by Ruth!

The different aspects to this journey are:
  • learning about pure essential oils & their natural benefits to our bodies
  • being aware of what we eat & what we choose to eat especially in relation to vegetarianism and veganism
  • chemical-free living in keeping us and our houses clean

I will be sharing about my journey by:

  • running classes online & in person
  • running make & take parties
  • selling products which are ethical & benefit the environment
  • sharing recipes

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