Monday, 23 June 2014

Adventures in . . . Fife

My husband and I went to Fife for a few days over our wedding anniversary, to stay with some of my friends who I did my gap year to Brasil with (they have featured in a few previous posts too: Old Adventures . . . Climbing Maraguape & Old Adventures . . . in Brazil)

It was a great few days and we were sad that Alison was unable to make it but perhaps another year?!

Here are some of the highlights... St Andrews...

Us with the Brazilian flag at St Andrews

Chariots of Fire beach at St Andrews

St Andrew's golf course

...the view from our room...

Beach :)

...crossing the Forth Road Bridge (may be for the last time as they're building another bridge)...

Forth Road Bridge map

The blurry railway bridge from the road bridge

The road bridge

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