Friday, 21 February 2014


I used to eat omelettes all the time when I was single, for they were really quick to make and nutritious, now I am married I rarely eat them because I only have one frying pan so have to make one at once which is annoying.

Broccoli, Pepper and Cauliflower Omelette


3 eggs
Splash of milk
Black Pepper
Selection of vegetables: carrots, brocolli, peppers, olives, mushrooms, onion (or pretty much anything!)
Meat: cooked ham, bacon, cooked chicken (Optional)
Handful of grated cheese
BBQ sauce


  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan on a medium heat, once hot add the vegetables and stir fry until soft (option of pre-steaming vegetables in microwave if required).
  2. Add the cooked meat and toss for a few minutes.
  3. Beat the eggs and milk together in a bowl and pour over the stir fried meat and vegetables.
  4. Turn the heat down slightly and allow to simmer for a few minutes.
  5. Sprinkle the cheese on top and if you like a bit more flavour squeeze some small blobs of BBQ sauce over the surface.
  6. Finish off the omelette by placing under the grill until browned.
Enjoy with potato wedges and soured cream :)

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