Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BRADFORD - The Urban Garden

In 2005, there were plans a foot for a huge new shopping centre development in the city, over the site of the original township of Bradford and the Bradford Beck near the Cathedral.

Work was started in 2005 with the demolition of the Broadway Shopping Centre, an archaelogical dig of the area and the site was excavated and prepared for the start of the new development. Unfortunately the work came to a halt overnight with the beginnings of a national recession.

The site was left as a huge HOLE for a few years before the Council developed some of the site into an Urban Garden.

Bradford Urban Garden

Graffiti Walls which hide the HOLE and the stopped development work behind

I do like the Urban Garden as it has created a space in the City Centre which allows some of the older more ornate buildings to be seen which have been hidden away by large buildings for many years.

The Cathedral from the Urban Garden

The Wool Exchange from the Urban Garden

The Midland Hotel, Bradford
There are talks that 2013 might be the year that works recommences on the site but we only time will tell, I do hope whatever is built here reflects the beautiful buildings which surround it.

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