Monday, 21 January 2013

A Few Snowy Thoughts

This morning we have woken to a heavy overnight snowfall of about 4-5 inches. It looks so bright and beautiful!

The snowfall was forecast but it was also forecast on Thursday and Friday evenings when we had very little over night snow so I thought it was a media hype but no, we have lots this morning.

I work for the NHS in Outpatients and so have to go to work whatever the weather.

The commute this morning was amazing, as quick as normal if not a little quicker. There was no queuing traffic, people who did not have to travel had made the correct decision to stay at home but yet there was enough traffic in the main roads to churn up the snow to mix with the grit. It was quiet and peaceful and the scenery so was nice to get out before it was disturbed.

Some pearls of wisdom:
1) SKODAS are amazing cars, my little Fabia has always got me to work reliably up and down hills in the snow
2) MERCEDES are rubbish in the snow, I passed a few this morning wheel spinning or being pushed - I drove smugly past in my little car
3) 4x4 drivers - you can still slip and slide on snow like anyone else, please be sensible and patient!!!!! Oh and NO OVERTAKING in the snow!

Thankfully it did not snow much throughout the day so I am now safely tucked up back at home :)

1 comment:

  1. BMW & Mercs are rear wheel drives.... STAY WELL AWAY FROM THEM !


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