Saturday, 19 January 2013

A cold, snowy day in Bradford

The last few days in Bradford have seen the start of the wintery weather arriving, with snow falling on and off over the past week. I dislike snow when I have to commute to work as it makes the journey so slow, but thankfully the major snowfall started last night and I do not need to go to work until Monday.

The view from our kitchen window as we went to bed last night - A WINTER WONDERLAND

We watched the snow fall gently outside as we relaxed with the fire on listening to my favourite CD at the moment "The River Instrumental Vol 1 Knowing You" by Robert Stearns. It is amazing reflective music, which helps me meditate and find space in my crazy life to think!

Snow collecting on our bench...
...and on our front gate

I love snow (when I do not have to travel in it!) and I think God created snow to show us the beauty of His creation during the dark winters days. It certainly lifts my soul when it snows as everything feels brighter and more beautiful.

I considered going for a snowy walk this morning but instead had a snug day at home with the fire on, listening to my meditative music and making a DELUXE CHOCOLATE CAKE.

My deluxe chocolate cake

Our house is filled with the fragrance of some beautiful hyacinths my dad gave us as a Christmas present, they are in full bloom and absolutely stunning. The best I've ever had.

Beautiful in full bloom Christmas hyacinths
Christmas hyacinths

This evening we will make the trek across the white city of Bradford to the house of some good friends, where we will eat dinner together with chocolate cake for dessert.

Perhaps tomorrow I will adventure out and go sledging in the park?

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