Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Preparing the house for leaving

As I write this it is 5am Thursday in Auckland, New Zealand but in a weeks time we will be in the air somewhere between Singapore and Christchurch, New Zealand at this time :) It will be the start of our adventures in an unknown land...

We both left work on Friday just gone and this week we have been busy catching up with people one final time before jetting off alongside cleaning and tidying our house...a MAMMOTH task! Our house will be spotless by 5pm on Friday. We have done 3 rooms now and 2 more to do tomorrow and Friday so we can enjoy the weekend ahead with friends and family.

The other great news is I have a job for September. I will be working as a hospital optometrist for the Mid Yorks NHS Trust a really exciting job and new opportunity. I really can't wait!!

Next week, there will be more regular updates from us on here, providing we can get fairly regular WIFI out for our photos and stories.

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  1. I am so excited for you both and a lot jealous ... happy house cleaning.
    Maria xxx


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